About Me

Fashion and Art are my mains passions: these are borned in my childhood, and through the years are became stronger. I think that fashion isn’t just an easy argument that you can resolve with superficiality, but instead is something really complex that engage the Society, the Art, the History and the Anthropology.

I was borned In Florence in 1985, I’m graduated in Polimoda school and I have worked for 10 years in the fashion world collaborating with many brands ( Gazzarrini, Sixty,Blugirl, Francesco smalto) and developing also my personal brand ( POSTMODERNIST) for man, that it was shown in Pitti Uomo’s exhibition in 2014. From 2015 I’m living a foreign job experience in Madrid with other woman’s collection.

Ten years before its time a kind of fashion is indecent;
ten years later it is horrible, but a century later it is romantic.

– James Laver –



For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!

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